Monday, December 6, 2010


Well it seems like to me that I only blog at the change of seasons! I guess that means I need to do it more often!! Oh how I love Christmas time! Such a beautiful time full of joy and peace and lights! We have our house all decorated for Christmas here in TN. My roommate Alison is quite the decorator (she gets that from her mama, who has the best Christmas decorations I have ever seen).

I got to travel home for Thanksgiving, it was such a great time to be with all my friends and family. I went to a Husker game with my best girlfriends and they helped me celebrate my 20th birthday very well! I am so lucky to have them in my life! Then back home to sing for my aunts wedding. It was such a wonderful day for our family and her new family and I am so thankful she found someone to share life her life with. I spent the rest of my time home hanging out with my parents and puppies and all my closest friends! It wasn't as easy to leave this time, I wish I could just pack everyone up in my suitcase and bring them all here with me, but something tells me life doesn't work that way. Life is so full of bittersweet moments alot for me, but that's OK I am learning to enjoy those ones too.