Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The AMERICAN IDOL Experience

Wow!! American Idol was such a fun experience. It was nothing at all like I expected. My mom of course flew in at 11 on Wednesday night after being in Vegas for my little brothers baseball camp! She teaches us to dream big obviously :). She didn't want to miss a thing, I love her so much! We went to Bridgestone Arena at 10 the next morning and got our wristband and tickets. Then at 7 a.m. on Saturday we were back downtown for the audition. You wouldn't have believed all the people! 16,000 people were at the auditions!!! They start out by taping promotional shots and giving you all the directions you need. Then the auditions begin and everyone was practicing in their seats, in the bathrooms and in the hallways. It was so cool. They announce right before auditions start that the first round of auditions has nothing to do with talent, it has everything to do with casting for a TV show... so that explains "pants on the ground man". It was such a fun experience but when you are auditioning against 16,000 not everyone is going to get picked. So I wasn't that discouraged when I didn't get my yellow ticket. I watched them hand out maybe 20 yellow tickets, so they are given few and far between! So I won't be going to Hollywood this year, but possibly in the future :)

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