Monday, November 8, 2010

America's Got Talent!

I know lots of you wanted to know details about how the America's Got Talent audtitions went so I am sitting at the airport waiting to fly back to Nashville and I will fill you in on details!

So here is how it went... We got to the audtition place and because they contacted me and wanted me to try out I had an appointment audtion for 12:45 on Saturday. So we got there and a security guard took me to the front of the line and into a back room where they let me get ready then sent me to an audtition room to sing. They filmed the audition and took my bio and said they would do call backs for people who made it in 2 months so keep your fingers crossed :)! Needless to say I felt pretty cool being rushed in :)!! That was an experience in itself!

My mom and I spent the rest of the time shopping for my birthday and eating at the same Pizza place both nights! Best PIZZA I have ever had!!

Now its back to Nashville for a couple days to write and record a few new songs then NEBRASKA on Friday to spend time with my best friends and then home to sing for my Aunt's WEDDING!!

Thanks for all your Good Luck texts and notes and wall posts!! I am so blessed to have so many wonderful fans!!!

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